Very recently,  Member of Parliament for Samalen in Pujehun District, Hon Shaka Sama praised the initial steps of the Government of President Bio through the Vice President, Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh in resolving the impasse between the indigenes and Socfin Company.

Days after that commendation, the Government of President Bio has also started negotiating the problems between local staff of Sierra Rutile/Illuka and the management of the company, a State House Press Release revealed.

According to the release dated November 26, State House summoned key stakeholders including the workers union and Sierra Rutile/ Illuka Leadership to a meeting at State House.

That the purpose of the meeting was to resolve the impasse between the workers union and Sierra Rutile/Illuka  leadership as part of Government’s effort to provide the enabling environment for uninterrupted operations of  Sierra Rutile Mines.

As such, the released states that it was agreed that there should be an immediate de-escalation of the impasse and that Sierra Rutile/Illuka Leadership should positively engage, consult and dialogue with the workers union.

That the four suspended union leaders should be reinstated and that the company should not suspend or sack the proposed fifty workers involved in the strike action.

That Sierra Rutile/Illuka should abandon the plan to evacuate its international staff as there was no security threat on them and that the company should resume operations as soon as possible.

“ That His Excellency the President directed the establishment of a special task force to investigate the fundamental grievances/concerns/ issues of the workers, the Rutile Community and the Sierra Rutile/ Illuka and make actionable recommendations,” the release maintained.

Residents in the areas where the company is operating are happy that the government is beginning to be tough with Sierra Rutile who for a very long time have been treating them with levity.

They accused the company of racism and treating local workers as modern day slaves.


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