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As Political Intimidation & Harassment Increases…

Another Attack by Ruling Party Operatives!

Alpha Pretchard Jalloh, Air Transport Regulations Officer, SLCAA

After several threats and intimidations meted at a staff of the Sierra Leone Civil Aviation Authority (SLCAA), Alpha Pretchard Jalloh, his life is now in danger as he is being haunted by operatives of the ruling government.

Reliable sources stated that in the late evening hours of Wednesday 29th November 2023, Alpha Pretchard Jalloh who works as an Air Transport Regulations Officer was attacked by a group of government operatives on his way home after work.

This attack came shortly after the November 26th, 2023 failed attempted coup, which gave room to threats on social media (audio and text) from supporters of the ruling government that they will track down members of the opposition and those whom they believed are not working in the interest of the government. 

The New Age was informed during our investigation that Alpha Pretchard Jalloh is believed to be an undercover operative of the main opposition All Peoples Congress (APC) Party and was giving them information. 

After his attack, police at the Goderich Division, at Adonkia made some arrest but we were reliably informed that those who were arrested have been released based on orders from above.

In a letter dated 30th November 2023 addressed to the Human Right Commission Sierra Leone (HRCSL) in which the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) and other institutions were copied, Alpha Pretchard Jalloh stated that the attackers said that the next time they set eyes on him, he will not live to tell the story.

After the June 24, 2023 General Election for which the ruling party was accused of unprecedented rigging, there has been serious political violence, intimidation and harassment committed by security forces and ruling party agents in Sierra Leone, against members of the opposition and those they believe are not working in the interest of the government.

On 25th June 2023 at the party Headquarters of the APC in Freetown, the police reportedly fired live bullets and tear gas which led to the death of one woman. And on the 26th June 2023 four supporters of the APC in the town of Masiaka were allegedly killed by police.



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