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Wanted for November 26 Attempted Coup

By Joseph Kanu

Amadu Wurie Bah, who was one of those the police wanted to arrest after the attempted coup of November 26, 2023, has not been seen, and his whereabouts is still unknown.

According to reports, Bah, a popular supporter of the current main opposition APC political party, was one of the many arrested in connection with the August 10 riots of 2022, violent protests in which many civilians and some police officers lost their lives, not to talk of the wanton destruction of valuable properties.

After being tortured by the police, he was later released. Surfacing again in Freetown after some time, he is one of those the police are looking for regarding the November 26 failed coup.

A friend of Bah, who begged for his name not to be published because of the sensitive nature of the November 26 attempted coup, said he and some acquaintances of Bah have so far not seen Bah after the November coup attempt.

Up to the time of going to press, Bah is nowhere to be seen.

Bah and all those suspected of plotting the November 26 attempted coup are still wanted by the police.



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