Crunching hardship and hunger are the problems of Sierra Leoneans who are finding it very difficult to weave things out to get a day’s meal not to talk about getting three square meals a day.

Radical Musician, Emmerson Bockarie has cautioned President Bio and his SLPP government about the current state of hardship and hunger in his new music titled, Suspect.

In the music Emerson said that politicians should be remembering the country at least for love of country.

He stated that they are waiting for the change but urged President Bio to expedite the change ‘whether it is manually, automatically, logically or magically because they are waiting for the change.”

He claimed that there are people who are disappointed because President Bio said he did not come to loot but to make the country.

“Sorry to those who think this is their time to loot,” he maintained.

He urged President Bio to make the sacrifice and set the precedent because in his words, if he makes the right moves, the country will move forward.

He reminded the President that he will be subjected to criticism because he is a mere mortal and not God.

“Although we are happy about the free education, we are yet to see anything. Some of the ministers have started making careless statement like it is not easy to be in public office and one does not steal because…There is no sense in that statement as they just want to find ways to justify their lootings,” Emerson satirized.

He noted that if one wants to make money, one should do business, adding that, ‘’Uncle Minister’’ said it is better they thief 3 and give us 7 or they  thief  2 and give us 8. Don’t justify looting openly…”

He reminded President Bio that “Di Gron Dry En Na U Wok for Soak (Things are difficult but it is the responsibility of the President to change things).

“Young people are still unemployed. You have to play the magic because to whom much is given, much is expected Give us time frame about when things will get better,” Emerson cautioned President Bio.


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