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Craig Dean Blackmails Salone Government 

…Says There Is Political Risk Doing Business In Sierra Leone Under President Bio

Craig Dean Shows Gansterism In Salone Mining Sector - The Calabash Newspaper

In his hostile takeover of Sierra Rutile which has been described by the company as UNSOLICITED, US Mining Mafia, Craig Dean has painted Sierra Leone and by extension the government of Sierra Leone in a bad light.

In a document dated 10th March 2024, titled: PRM Services LLC- On Market Take Over Offer for Sierra Rutile Sierra Limited, Craig Dean stated that PRM believes that the offer represents attractive value to SRX Shareholders particularly given the current risk and uncertainties associated with remaining a SRX shareholder in the face of prevailing risks including sovereign, political and operational risk associating with operating in Sierra Leone.

This particular statement has got many people concerned as to why is it that someone who has his company operating in Sierra Leone since 2021 is now painting Sierra Leone in a bad light even though he has made money in the country.

They described his statement as hypocrisy by a man who has been milking Sierra Leone through its high-quality iron-ore deposit while others believed that such a statement shows a desperate man who wants to take over Sierra Rutile at all cost.

Others also cautioned Government to be careful with such an investor whose only purpose for coming into Sierra Leone is to milk the country dry.

PRM Services LLC is a company registered in the Commonwealth Republic of Puerto Rico for which the Director and CEO is Craig Dean who is also the CEO of Marampa Mines, a subsidiary of Gerald Group.

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