Minister of Youth, Mohamed Orman Bangura

“I am very proud of the Speaker of Parliament Dr. Abass Bundu for his display of matured, responsible and democratic leadership in the Well of parliament yesterday,” the Minister of Youth Mohamed Orman Bangura lauded the Speaker of Parliment.

According to the Minister, this shows how thorough the speaker is in parliamentary democracies.

“He held the debate in an unbiased manner giving every honourable a bite of the cherry. You deserve seven million and more ‘thank-yous’, Mr. Speaker,” he noted.

He also thanked Members of Parliament for such a  healthy debate in the House on Monday  which according to  him is the very first in the  country’s history.

“We citizens of Sierra Leone enjoyed the war of words as we watched on television and listened on radio stations across the country. This shows how much we have been able to sustain our hard won peace,” the Minister maintains

That it further depicts that our democracy is growing as it shows they can agree and disagree on many issues without using the fist.

“Where others exchange blows we exchange ideas through debating and concretize our viewpoints through the voting process.”

He maintained that as the Leader of Government Business stated last Monday 22 October, this precedent serves as a deterrent to us all as it is not meant just for their  predecessors, but for them currently holding public offices and those who will come after them.

“This is what President Julius Maada Bio meant when he said, ‘No room for business as usual.’ We have to practice transparent and accountable leadership,” the Minister stated

He also thanked young people for the support for Political Accountability as was observed  by  the way of comments from the traditional and social media that the people of this country are in support of these enquiries and they want to see a New Direction in the running of the state, especially in relation to how public funds are expended.

“As Minister of Youth Affairs, I want to,  on behalf of the 2/3 of the country’s population, thank the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone for pushing for enquiries into how public funds have been expended in our most recent past,” Minister Bangrua said.


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