The Chairman and Leader of the main opposition, the All Peoples Congress (APC) party, who has been succeeded by President Bio, former president Koroma has disclosed that he is still active to serve his people.

This commitment was made by former president Koroma during his gracing of the last Sunday Thanks Giving Mass at the Our Lady of Fatima Cathedral in Makeni City, Freetown.

“I am not active to go back into politics and become a leader again which is a closed chapter, but I am active to continue with national and international development that will yield gains for our country,” Koroma stated.

Koroma asserted that he has been called on by the Vicar General to serve an agent and an ambassador for peace and cohesion in the country adding that the fact that he has worked for the development and peace of the country, he has no choice but to serve as a peace ambassador for the benefit of the people and the country.

He reiterated that peace and national cohesion is what is need in the country in order the ensure that there is development.

He prayed that God continue giving him the strength needed in being active to ensuring national development for the benefit of his community and the people of Sierra Leone.

He (Koroma) stated that

Former President Koroma maintained that running a country as a leader is not something which is easy, but that he thanked God and the support given to him by the people of Sierra Leone which he believed led to his successful tenure in office.

“It was during my tenure that Sierra Leone was named as the fastest growing economy in the world, and it was this same time that the country was described as the most peaceful country in the world,” he confirmed.

He thanked the people of Sierra Leone for the relentless effort that they showed in supporting his regime which he believed contributed greatly to what he is today.


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