It is the belief of many right-thinking Sierra Leoneans that the National Grand Coalition (NGC) party is now crumbling or falling apart as they have seen series of major resignations from the party within 24 hours.

This came after some strong statements from the Leader of the National Grand Coalition (NGC) party, Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella during a National Executive Council meeting held at the Family Kingdom in Freetown on 28th January 2023.

“NGC belongs to you, it is left to you to make or break it, you won’t be forced to make any but to decide on your own today. My decisions will be clearly communicated when I am ready, it is left to you to follow me or to decide otherwise,” he stated.

He maintained that whiles he is being disrespected by his party, he is being respected somewhere else.

He sarcastically stated that negotiations are not for small boys, noting that even at the UN there are so many backdoor negotiations before they come to the public.

That in the NGC, they want him to report everything on every of his outside meetings to them, and that he will never do that.

He acknowledged that he has met several times with President Bio just like he did with former President Koroma.

In the midst of this disagreement, the National Chairman of party, Dr. Dennis Bright, the Regional Chairman Western Area, Authur E. Pearce and the Chairman UK NGC Branch, Alan Luke all have tendered their resignations.

In his resignation, Dr. Bright said that in recent times there have been significant differences within the top leadership of the party on key issues that have to do with the future of the NGC.

“It has now become clear to me that my continued presence and current role in the party are being considered a negative energy to some colleagues who are pursuing pathways that they hope will be of benefit to the party,” he stated.

He maintained that he still holds on to those views and positions that he has expressed openly in the media about the political situation in the country, and he has seen no sign of change that should let him change them.

He expressed hope that Sierra Leoneans will judge him fairly.

“I have a special apology to make to all the NGCians who entrusted the management of their party by voting solidly for me in the last National Delegates Conference and especially to those brothers and sisters in the diaspora and at home who supported me financially and otherwise,” he said.  

In his resignation, Pearce said that his decision in no way stem from grudge or malice but from Personal and Professional Values which he has held in high esteem throughout his years in politics.

“I strongly believe that an Alliance or Political Partnership with the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) at this particular time will kill public trust and respect that has long being an element of admiration for the NGC and there is a great possibility of such agreement to put an end to the sustainability of the NGC after June 2023 Elections,” he said.

He stated that he once communicated his position through the Leadership of the party and Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella (Parliamentary Leader- NGC) that the decision a Political Party like NGC must make if they were to go into an Alliance must not be for the benefit of any individual or small group of persons, but for the survivability of NGC thus their slogan- ‘U touch wan, U touch all’.

“Consequently. I have kept a sacred place within my heart for issues pertaining to NGC but I cannot sit by quietly and watch the party being dragged to its demise as it is seen to be done hence I want to make very clear to the NGC Party and the public that based on Principles which I hold so dear and cannot compromise, especially at such a time in Sierra Leonean Politics, I will ask kindly that I be honored the request of an amicable separation, effective Immediately,” he said.


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