GOVT Receives No Royalty From Iron Ore In 2023

Despite his stout defense for Craig Dean and Marampa Mines, government records have shown that the US Ambassador to Sierra Leone David Byran Hunt has not been well informed about Craig Dean and his activities in Sierra Leone.

David Hunt has in a Press Conference claimed that the US Mining Mafia Craig Dean and Marampa Mines have paid all it taxes and royalty to the Government of Sierra Leone but government records proved otherwise.

Statistics have shown that the total exports of iron for the past three years by Marampa Mines and Craig Dean is about 8.5M tons of iron ore at the cost of over $1B for which according to the US Ambassador Craig Dean paid taxes and royalties to the Government of Sierra Leone of just $40M

The records revealed that Craig Dean in 2021 exported $323M worth of Iron Ore, in 2022 $394M and that in 2023 exported $351M worth of iron ore which bring it to a total little over a billion-dollar worth of iron ore exported in three years.

The records from the government of Sierra Leone published in the Unaudited Annual Account of the Government has proven that while the government of Sierra Leone received about Le119Billion in royalty from iron ore in 2022, in 2023 they did not receive a dime from the iron ore sector as royalty which makes government suffers a shortfall of Le147 billion from the Iron Sector.