Leader of the main opposition APC in Parliament Hon Chernor Maju Bah (Chericoco) has reminded the speaker about a motion which was raised by one of his colleagues at the well of parliament, concerning a protest that occurred in Makeni for the removal of one stand-by generator that led to the killing of people in Makeni by the security forces.

 He said that they are reminding the speaker of a commitment for which they as members of parliament agreed.

He asked the speaker to set up a committee that would do an investigation on the Makeni incident.

“People may ask why Makeni but everything has a beginning. It’s not the killing of people but the arrest of people in Makeni for putting on T- Shirts which indicate “Makeni People Lives Matter,” he added.

 According to him, one  can see people putting on T- Shirts of Old Edwardians Football Club, Wusum Stars FC, Bo Rangers, or Bai Bureh Warrior Football Club on social media but they will not arrest them.

 He stated that people have the right to express that the People of Makeni  lives matter and that they should be free as long as they do it within the remit of the law.

He said that during their last seating in Parliament Hon Peter Yamba Koroma rose on Standing Order 23, calling on parliament and the public to  let them have access to the corpse of those killed so that they can give them befitting burial.

Hon Dr. Kandeh Yumkella the leader of National Grand Coalition (NGC) also empathized with the people of Makeni by putting on the T-Shirt, indicating Makeni Lives Matter.

He noted that the excess and disproportionate use of force of  security personnel and the use of live bullets on Sierra Leoneans must stop.

He added that he was the only politician who went on the media about similar incidents that occurred in Lunsar, Tombo etc.

 He called on the speaker to do an independent investigation on the killing of Sierra Leoneans by security personnel.

He noted that he opposed the excessive use of force by the Police in 2016, 2017, and 2018 because people has the right to protest responsible.

Hon Yumkella stated that he joined APC members of parliament for specific reasons including freedom of speech.

Speaker of Parliament Dr. Abass Bundu said he will summon the leadership of the house to his office concerning the issue.         


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