Like the technical audit report, the Government Transition Team (GTT) report done by the former UK  Professor turned Chief Minister in Sierra Leone, David Francis has been rubbished as something full of factual inaccuracies.

The Lawyer representing Samura Kamara in the Commission of Inquiry (COI), Ady Macualey cross examined the Financial Secretary of the present government.

In the cross examination by the brilliant lawyer, several facts came up and they are as follows:

That Sahr Jusu has worked in the Ministry of Finance for 23 yrs and spent 15 of those years in senior management position as Director of Public Debt for which Sahr Jusu stated he was proud.

That Sahr Jusu presented a document to the commission which he claimed is a letter from the Bank of Sierra Leone that shows the sale of Sierra Leone purported 30% shares in Sierra Rutile Limited.

The document which Sahr Jusu himself presented did not show any sale of shares but 12M dollars that was transferred directly into the consolidate fund.

That Sahr Jusu sheepishly claimed that he heard about the purported 30% shares in the media and that only Bank of Sierra Leone Officials will be able to explain that.

Meanwhile a letter from Illuka, the company that owned Sierra Rutile Company has completely rubbished the Government Transition Team Report which among other things claimed that no 30% shares was sold to them and that they did due diligence before buying the company.

This is not the first time the GTT report has been exposed for factual errors and misrepresentation of facts.


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