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Zoodlabs CEO Exposes Lies Of $700,000 Tax Debt

Davar Fazaeli, Chief Executive Officer of Zoodlabs has dismissed newspapers’ report that the company who recently took over Sierra Leone Cable Network (SALCAB) in an unbundling process owed the National Revenue Authority (NRA) huge taxes of over 700, 000 US dollar which is correspondingly 7 billion Leones.

The CEO stated on Twitter when the question was posed to him by the Editor of SALONE TIMES about failure to pay taxes, “lol we’ve paid more taxes this year already than SALCAB did prior 8 years.”

He explained that their issue is that people and businesses are terrified of them, trying to level the playing field, noting that Sierra Leone deserves nothing but better.

“Facts Matter! Or I should say facts do matter. Don’t listen to what we or others say, check what we do! By early next year, we’ll have the most advanced transmission network, best equipment, best people, just observe! This market deserved to be disrupted for the people,” Davar Fazaeli asserted.

It could be recalled that government recently unbundled SALCAB which led to the coming of a private company called Zoodlabs owned by an Iranian-American, Davar Fazaeli.

It is believed that with the coming of Zoodlabs internet connectivity and mobile communication will improve in the country.

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