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Residents Of Leicester, Tree Planting Community Praise Minister Orman Bangura

Residents of Leicester, Tree Planting and its surrounding communities have heaped praises on the Minister of Youth Affairs, Mohamed Orman Bangura over what they described as a humanitarian gesture extended to them by the minister.

That the minister constructed water taps with multiple heads and that he is making sure that they are supplied with 20,000 liters of water everyday in order to ease the constraint of the people to fetch water.

May God continue to bless the minister for what he has done for us. We have other senior and well to do people in the community, but they do not have the spirit to come to our aid,” some of the residents joyfully expressed.

Appreciating the minister for his kind gesture, a resident of the Leicester Road Community, a lady by the name of Tity stated that they really appreciate what the minister has done for them and that they will continue to work with him.

She disclosed that during both the rains and the dries, there are challenged in getting access to clean and pure water.

That this year things have changed for the better through the help of the minister, noting that he has proven to them that he is their only hope in the community.

That they are not the only community benefitting from the supply of water from the multipurpose tap as people are now coming from other communities to fetch water in their community.

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