By Fatmata Mohamed Bangura

A 7 years old boy, Prince J. Kamara has testified before Magistrate Sahr Kekura of Ross Road Court No. 1 in Freetown in the matter between Madam Isha Saidu Hunghes, deceased and Mr. Sulaiman Conteh, accused. 

He testified that he knew the deceased and the accused persons and that they are his grandparents.

He recalled on the 14th of July 2023; he was with his sister who is PW2 in their parlor playing when the accused person came and knocked at their grandma’s door.

He said that the deceased opened the door and the accused person started hitting his sister who was the deceased and the deceased ran inside her room pleading with the accused person to pity her but the accused person refused.

He said that he and his sister went inside their grandma’s room, and they were there while the accused person was hitting their grandma and later used cutlass and chop their grandma on her head and later used knife and hammer on her body.

He said that the accused person took his grandma to the store room and locked her inside.

He continued that he and his sister went inside their grandma’s room locked themselves and slept there.

He testified that in morning his sister took the key and opened the door and they went outside and that they met one of their Aunties by the name of Zinab and they explained to her and she went on and called her brother one Mr. Mohamed and told him to come with police officers.

He explained that his uncle did as he was told, adding that his uncle and aunt called a carpenter to open the door to store room and that they saw the accused person and their grandma sitting down on the floor with blood all over their body.

He said that since that day he didn’t see his grandma again.

PW4, Ibrahim Kamara DPC 10641 at the CID at Kissy Division Department said that on the 14th July 2023 he was at the station with his colleagues when the incident happened at No. 6A Savage Street at Wellington in Freetown.

He said that the officer that was in charge was PW1 and other people who were at the crime scene.

He said that he went there after he had been called by PW1 and that the place has two parlors, two rooms, a toilet and a storeroom.

He said that they met the accused person on the floor with a cloth wrapped on his stomach and the police took him immediately to the hospital.

He said that there was blood all over the parlor and that he was walking through the parlor and saw the deceased on the floor with a frame covering her body with blood all over her body.

He said that the deceased was lying on the floor half naked.

He said that he saw a cutlass, a knife and a hammer with blood all over them.

He said that he took photos of the deceased, the items and the house with his Nicon Digital Camera.

He said that on the 24th July 2023, the investigating officer, PW1. 17845 with the deceased family did a postmortem at the deceased and that it was Doctor Owizz Koroma that did it on the deceased.

He said that he took photos of the deceased using his personal phone which is a Samsung Galaxy A02.

That on 25th July 2023, he took his memory card at a photo studio and printed all the photos of the crime scene.

He said that he can tender them in court if the court wants him to.

The camera was tendered in court as exhibit A in court and the phone which was Samsung Galaxy A02 as exhibit E.

The pictures of the crime scene and the hospital ones were tendered as exhibit F:1-8.

ASP Mohamed Conteh is prosecuting the matter and the matter has been adjourned to Tuesday 22nd August 2023.


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