Author: Musa Kamara

By Musa Kamara

Many people may want to say this but are afraid either for their daily avocation or their lives. I think the sooner we say it and proffer solutions, the better for us as a nation. 

The inspirational prophecy in this write-up clearly explains the reasons why government after government continues to fail in the discharge of their duties.

Allow me to predicate my hindsight into our governance citing what is expected from our government/leaders who have failed to realize or are forgetting that they are servants. 

When once they get into power, their first agenda is to move away from the people and begin to strategize tactically on how to win the next Election and no sooner they begin to think about how to win the next Election, they now begin to Appoint Politicians instead of Professionals into offices, taking their eyes off the servant hood to which they were voted and also hinge on the ‘payback time’ mentality for party loyalists even without any professional qualifications and experience to deliver.

And as such, governance is automatically twirls into a ‘compensation pyramid’.

This sets the pace for wrong appointments by the Powers that be as a result of who is now best to join the list of Cabinet Ministers and other strategic positions all in a bid to promote the campaign trail when the need arises instead of who can deliver on their Manifesto promises they made to the People.

That is when you see who will best control the Judiciary to protect their men instead of Equality & justice for all. They will now begin to engage in Mega Corruption to buy votes instead of providing jobs for the people and improve their well-being. You will now begin to have a Party Police Force instead of an independent Police Force whose mandate is to save lives and properties.

You will again begin to see the mere independence of state institutions who now become more partisan in supporting the ruling government. You will now begin to have a babysitting approach instead of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Approach. You will now begin to see the awarding of contracts to party loyalists or those who supported them financially during elections instead of who is the best supplier with the correct financial and service delivery capabilities.

You will now begin to see the declining tendencies in the economy as bulk of the country’s finances are wasted rapidly in the wrong way.

And will begin to see all other sectors in a standstill as if nothing is happening as they are busy planning to win the next elections.

The Government “wae get for beteh Salone en the people den life na the government wae nor dae fraid for loss the next election.”


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