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Kroo Ethnic Group Presents Proposed Tribal Head To Local Govt. Minister

One of the 16 Ethnic Groups in Freetown, the Kroo has presented Madam Ajuah Morris to the Local Government Minister and team as its new Tribal Head subject to approval by President Bio.

It could be recalled that after the death of its former Tribal Head, Prince Toe, the Kroo Ethnic Group has been without a leader for over 3 years. It was against this backdrop that they had unanimously agreed to present Madam Ajuah Morris as their proposed new Chief.

Presenting Madam Morris to Minister Lamina, Seekoei George, one of the Kroo Tribe’s Men, said Madam Morris is a true daughter of the Kroo Ethnic Group who has demonstrated leadership qualities over the years by bringing the tribe’s men together in unity. He added that in a male dominant society, Madam Morris had showed her compassion to always see her tribe’s men together through conflict resolutions, welfare management, among other things.

In his response, the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Amb. Tamba Lamina, confessed that he was thrilled about the move by the Kroo Ethnic Group to finally present a proposed Chief to the Ministry after so many disagreements.

He maintained that his Ministry acts as a messenger in the process of selecting Tribal Heads by taking the person selected by their Ethnic Group to the President who has the power to approve Tribal Heads in Sierra Leone.

“I would like to extend my appreciation to you all for selecting your Tribal Head without any confusion. I would also like to underscore that President Bio highly believes in Chieftaincy and has stated it not only in his manifesto, but everywhere he has gone, the manner in which he wants to empower traditional leaders in this Country,” he said.

Minister Lamina cautioned that all Tribal Heads should have a focus of maintaining law and order in their communities, uniting their tribe’s men and maintaining cordial relationships with other Tribal Heads.

He reiterated that his Ministry has received Madam Ajuah Morris in good fate but that the decision to approve her rests squarely on the shoulders of the President; he promised that MLGRD would reach out to the group again after President Bio’s decision on their candidate.

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