By Fatmata BJ Samura

On Thursday 11Th May 2023 The mayoral aspirant for the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), Mohamed Gento Kamara accompanied by Hon. Abdul Muniru Lansana visited his ongoing work at the Culvert Community.

Hon. Lansana said the Culvert Community experienced a heavy down poor of rain on the 10th of May 2023 which caused flooding and other problems within the community, but following a call answered by the mayoral candidate of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), Mohamed Gento Kamara who sent machines to see how they could mitigate the flooding effect.

Hon. Lansana said their primary focus now is to see how they will combat the flooding now once and for all by ensuring that they have proper drainages running from the main road going down to the see. He continued that they will start by clearing off waterways and non-waterways which he said they have embarked on through the help of Mohamed Gento Kamara who sent 3 machines, noting that one machine was placed at Bumeh pushing down the filth while the 2 were placed at Culvert clearing out the sand that blocked the waterway.

He warned the people of both Bumeh and Culvert Community not to throw filths in drainages when it rains. 

Mohamed Gento Kamara said that he decided to help the people in the affected community due to heavy rain because he has sympathy for them.

He maintained that he did not only send his machines but also came to monitor the ongoing work in the community.

He furthered that he came through the Bumeh main entrance in order to ascertain the reason for the flooding, noting that it is because the waterway was blocked.

He continued that he sighted another big problem, which is poor management of the dump site as the soil is opened and that whenever there is heavy rain, the soil break and block the culvert.

Mohamed Gento said that is focus now is to see that flooding is addressed in Freetown.

He maintained that Kroo Bay was having similar problems, but that he has constructed a bridge for them, and that he is also constructing a drainage system for Mua wharf Community.


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