By Musa Kamara

It is no secret that, the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) is in the habit of abruptly cutting off electricity from homes, institutions, offices to the extent that hospitals are no exceptions to this ugly situation.

This irritating and unfortunate action from EDSA has gradually turned hospitals to death traps in the country there by casting doubts and raising eyebrows on the effectiveness of EDSA and when this action of theirs will come to an end.

In late August 2023, I was at the Lumley Government health center, where my sick mother was admitted. It was a horrible experience that should not befall any citizen seeking medical attention in a government hospital in this country. Upon arrival, the hospital was as dark as a cave with little or no way to make it through the long steps. When asked why the backup generator is not switched on, the hospital staff responded that, they don’t have fuel to operate the generator. It was a case of no EDSA electricity and no government subvention for fuel to run the backup generator in the Lumley Government Hospital.

After waiting for over an hour for electricity to be restored, to no avail, the nurses, together with the relatives of the patients resorted to using their phones torchlights to find veins, find medications and administer treatment on patients.

As if that was not enough, the following day, on a Sunday, a two-year-old boy was brought in to the hospital and was in a critical condition finding it very difficult to breath well and had bruised all over his body after he had fallen off a three-storey building according to his parents. The family had hopes when they arrived at the hospital upon noticing that, there was electricity at the hospital. The nurses, seeing the critical condition of the boy, decided to put him on external oxygen support to assist the boy breath well as they do other medical treatment. Behold: EDSA, with their usual habit of abruptly cutting off electricity, same happened on that fateful day.

The parents had to be referred to the Emergency Hospital at Goderich. Only God knows how that panned out for the young boy and his family.

Same could be said about what happened at the Macauley Street Government Hospital where a pregnant woman was attending her anti-natal care. When she was due for delivery and went to the Macauley Street Government Hospital, she was not attended to due to lack of electricity at the hospital, she was then referred to the Cottage Hospital at Fourah Bay Road.

This is also the case is other government hospitals across the country as they are also faced with serious electricity challenge.

Abrupt electricity cut in critical institutions, especially hospitals should be addressed with outmost seriousness if quality healthcare is to be guaranteed.

And government should prioritize having standby generators or solar panels to supplement same in order to address hospital deaths due to power cut.


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