From Granny Bank To Modern Bank: RCB Leads In Digital Banking


Rokel Commercial Bank (RCB) that was once described as “Granny” Bank (Grandma) because of all the frailties has gone through Radical Transformation to the point that now he is being referred as a MODERN BANK.

This radical transformation happened under the astute leadership of Dr Walton Ekundayo Gilpin who many people referred to as the Financial HONG KONG when he took over the leadership of the Bank.

The Bank has got so many accolades both local and internationally for its transformation. The Bank is leading in digitalization and digital banking as they have introduced one of the most popular e-money platforms in the country called the Rokel Sim korpor.

Just last Thursday the Bank in collaboration with a popular UK Firm organized what has been described as the first ever cyber security and financial inclusion Conference in Sierra Leone where the critical nature of Cyber Safety was discussed.

At the Symposium, the Chair of the Board of RCB, Buffy Bailor praised the Bank for organising the first ever cyber security conference.

He said that everyone one is affected by cybersecurity and that anyone who is not connected with the internet and digitization is Beyond the world.

He noted that whatever one is doing online is open to cyberattack hence the critical nature of the conference, revealing that RCB is leading in cybersecurity in the financial sector.

“In this age it is either you innovate or die,” he added.

The African Banker of the Year who is also the Managing Director of RCB, Walton Ekundayo Gilpin revealed that they have to be known for doing the right things as Sierra Leoneans.

He said that EST Applied Intelligence UK is partnering with them because of what they are doing, noting that as African Banker of the Year is not just a title but they have to demonstrate with tangible deliverables and that they are going to make sure what they say they do.

He stated that the Symposium is important because cybersecurity is very important and it is not a matter of if one will be attacked but when, pointing out that in some countries if one allows vulnerabilities to be exploited, one will be fined.

Outlying his top five priorities as African Banker, he said that he wants to implement a Cashless Ecosystem which is close in line with Central Bank Philosophy by of having a national switch

That he will automate the Banking Process for which that they have already rolled out Rokel Sim Korpor.

“We are the leading Bank when it comes to digitalization-this is no mean fit,” he maintained.

Other priorities he mentioned are Cybersecurity Resilience and Digital transformation, adding that they don’t have any external assistance or think tank but they work very hard.

That they believed in Gender Security and parity for which they are implementing this policy even beyond the 30% quota.

“Sierra Leone should be a place for excellence. We will not do this alone without your support,” he said.


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