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Berny’s Hope Contributes To Free Quality Education

Berny’s Hope Foundation is a US registered Charity with headquarters in Virginia, USA, and national office at 71 Soldier Street, Freetown.

The President and CEO is Madam Bernadette Sanko Kamara, born of Lunsar, Marampa Chiefdom and presently living in the United States.

On Friday 7th May 2021, Berny’s Hope Foundation turned the sod for the construction of a 20-classroom primary school for the people of Mondor, Kaffu Bullom in the Port Loko District.

Mondor and its immediate environs have no schools and the closest places with schools are Mayaya and Conakry Dee, which are over 3 miles away respectively.

Knowing well the huge challenge in the transportation system; it goes without saying that kids attending school walk a minimum of 6 miles every day to and from school.

The school is named after the CEO’s late father –The Brima Obri Kamara International Academy. The school will be equipped with latest educational facilities and every child from within the township is assured of free tuition, books, uniforms and related school items.

Alongside the construction of this school, to be followed by a secondary school later on, Berny’s Hope is also constructing 2 water wells and a mosque for the township. The mosque is named the Al-Amin Susu mosque, Mondor.

Berny’s Hope Foundation is also working in Robonka, Mange Acre, Thombo and Kiamp in the Marampa Chiefdom helping people, but specifically, women with livelihood skills like Micro Credit and Community Farming. Berny’s Hope Foundation has set up a seed bank in these communities and the people have no problem of acquiring seedlings during the planting season. Hundred women are presently enlisted in the Micro Credit Scheme. At the end of May, some 25 other women would be added to the scheme.

Berny’s Hope Foundation has national outlook. In June, the Foundation will be making similar interventions in Njala Komboia, Bo District – construction of two wells and support to community onion production ranging over 100 acres.

Berny’s Hope Foundation is solely funded by Madam Bernadette Sanko Kamara with moral and physical support from volunteers in Sierra Leone BERNY’S HOPE FOUNDATION GIVES HOPE TO THE PEOPLE OF MONDOR IN THE KAFFU BULLOM CHIEFDOM

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