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APC Supporter Missing after August 10 Protests

By Ishmael Bundu

Foday Yamba Sesay, a popular main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) political party supporter, who disappeared over two weeks ago, was one of those whom the police suspect of being part of the August 10 protests that not only claimed the lives and properties of many civilians particularly in Freetown and its environs but also the lives of police officers.

One of Faday’s neighbors, who begged for anonymity, told this medium that he saw armed men, some in combat fatigues, moving in the Shell New Road neighborhood during curfew hours on the 11th August 2022, adding that they broke into the room of Foday, but they later came out and went away.

He said the following morning, he looked for Foday who was nowhere to be found. Asking about his whereabouts, some said they last saw him the previous day- the 11th August 2022.

He said he has not set eyes on Foday after that fateful night of 11th August, a day after the August 10 riots.

He said he later learnt from the police that Foday was one of those suspected to have mobilized mainly youths who went on the rampage, blocking off the main street by setting up roadblocks that led to the damage of some vehicles.

A concerned relative said that most family members and loved ones think Foday might have been killed during the extra-judicial killings that were reported after the bloody August 10 protests.     



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